Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update on A Jihad for Love

Dear friends and colleagues,

We have exciting news about A Jihad for Love and - a job hire, our US theatrical deal, and upcoming screenings in India, Berlin, and Australia.

1) Hiring a Director of Outreach. On the heels of the global success of 85 Trembling house parties in 16 countries during the September High Holidays, we are hiring a Director of Outreach for for our Purim to Passover Project. We are framing Purim as a holiday about risk-taking and will feature three films available for worldwide DVD screening parties - Trembling Before G-d/ Trembling On the Road, Encounter Point and Hineini: Coming Out In A Jewish High School. All feature risk-takers who aim to transform the Jewish people, engaging GLBT and straight people, Jews and non-Jews and whose goal is to catalyze individual, familial, and Jewish communal engagement, action, and change. For further details on the Director of Outreach position, click here. We also are fundraising to match gifts from The Russell Berrie Foundation and The Righteous Persons Foundation - you can donate online to The Foundation for Jewish Culture at (specify this is for Trembling Before G-d) and please send us an email as well.

One of the best resources for films for change - the annual Making Your Media Matter Conference at American University. For this year's conference from February 7-8, register and learn more at

The conference will feature panel discussions on the latest tools and trends in creating and distributing social issue media, including panels on games for social change, intercultural media, and short-shorts and new platforms; demos of cutting edge practices; networking opportunities as well as the chance to hear from keynote speakers, filmmaker Byron Hurt and outreach expert Sonya Childress.

Join our Facebook and MySpace Group - Films That Change the World.

2) Parvez and I are proud to announce the Jury Prize and India Premiere of A Jihad for Love at the Tri-Continental Film Festival – a primary platform for human rights cinema from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Delhi Chief Minister Delhi Sheila Dikshit presented Director/Producer Sharma with the Festival Award last night at a ceremony at Delhi's Habitat Centre and we had an extraordinary screening of 400 people – Muslims, Hindus, and others – with intense dialogue and debate and a powerful homecoming for Parvez to his city, Delhi. Parvez and I will attend the Bombay Premiere with a Q & A next Saturday. Please feel free to pass along any people you suggest we meet in India. See Parvez's blog on Delhi at


Bombay Premiere
January 26th, 7:05 PM
Little Theatre, NCPA
Q & A with Director Sharma and Producer DuBowski

Bangalore Premiere
February 2nd, 5 PM
Alliance Francaise

Also see Parvez's Huffington Post on The Martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto

To support the outreach work of A Jihad for Love in South Asia and beyond, creating critical dialogue around issues of gender and sexuality and resources for individuals, families and communities, please visit

3) We have a major European launch of A Jihad for Love at The Berlin Film Festival as the Opening Film of the Panorama Documentary Section from February 8th-10th.

February 8th CineStar 7 17:00
February 9th CineStar 7 12:00
February 10th Colosseum 1 15:30

I will also be on a panel at the Berlin Talent Campus called "Sense and Sensibilities: Documentaries for the Big Screen."

We would love to meet any people you suggest in Berlin.

4) We are proud to announce a US theatrical deal with First Run Features for A Jihad for Love which will kick off at The IFC Center in New York in May. See the Variety article on the acquisition deal at

5) Off to Australia! The Australian Premiere of A Jihad for Love will take place in Sydney during the Mardi Gras Film Festival. We do not really know people in Sydney so definitely are happy to connect with anyone there especially for Mardi Gras.

Premiere on Thursday, February 21st, 7:30 PM, Palace Academy Twin
More info...

Thanks for your support of Films That Change the World.

Much love,

Sandi DuBowski

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