Sunday, December 30, 2007

Radical Islam: The African Front (Kenya)

From the New York Times Magazine

Published: December 23, 2007

One hot, cloudless afternoon in October, I sat in the members' salon of the Kenyan Parliament as the guest of Joseph Lekuton, an M.P . from the desolate bush country to the east of Lake Turkana. Around us a dozen other Kenyan politicians sat in comfortable armchairs, sipping tea from silver services and gliding from English to Swahili to tribal languages and back again. The d├ęcor — dark wood paneling, white concrete pillars and a flying-saucer-like brass-and-steel chandelier — suggested both the Soviet Politburo and a Las Vegas lounge in the Rat Pack era. Lekuton (pronounced LEH-koo-tone), an animated man in his late 30s, had dropped by to catch up on developments in the country's election campaign


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